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A Last Will is an estate planning document which states the desires of a person when they die. The Will is the governing document of a process called probate, which is a court proceeding held to distribute your estate. The maker of a Last Will appoints a Personal Representative to carry out the distribution of property to named Beneficiaries. A Last Will also appoints guardians for minor children and states any special or last wishes you may have. Without a Last Will, a court will make these important decisions for you and your loved ones. Make your Last Will today!
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$ 49.00 
Priority preparation of Last Will in 2 business days.
  Guardianship & Testamentary Trust for minor children.
  Provisions for Charitable and Specific Gifts.
  Provision for Pet Care.
  Self Proving Affidavit
  Free revisions 3 months.
$ 69.00 
Includes everything in the Basic package plus
  Free revisions to Will for 2 years
  First Class Shipping
  10% off next order
$ 89.00 
Includes everything in the Standard package plus:
  Free revisions to Will for 5 years
  Same day preparation
  Express Shipping
  15% off next order
Last Will
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